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Twin Modular Services Inc. Manufactures prefabricated guardhouses, guard houses, guard booths, guard shacks, ticket booths, parking attendant booths, and operator control booths.    

Twin Modular offers many standard sizes with its' line of guard houses. This page list all of the standard buildings we offer.   

Request For Quote
Fill out the form online and submit your "request for quote" for a guardhouse, guard booth, guard shack, ticket booth, or operators control booth.    

If you need to talk to a sales representative, the information is posted on this page.   

Guardhouses with Restrooms
Twin Modular services can install restrooms in many of the buildings we manufacture. For more information view this page.   

Standard Features
Twin Modular offers many standard features and options with its' line of guard houses.        

Ticket Booths & Parking Booths
Twin Modular manufactures standard size ticket booths or we can design a building that will meet your specifications.   

Photo Gallery
Pictures of past and recent projects completed by Twin Modular Services.

Floor Plans
View pdf floor plans of all our standard buildings.

Operators Booth
View our line of prefabricated operators control booths.

Read testimonials of past customers.